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Business Intelligence

Stop guessing how to grow your business. Make data-driven decisions faster than your competitors by utilizing Business Intelligence data.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a process driven by technology to analyze data and deliver actionable information which helps executives, directors and personnel make informed business decisions.

Want to see what Business Intelligence can do for your business? Contact us today to see how we can custom tailor a solution to give you the insights to manage and grow your business today.

Business Intelligence Process.

Business Intelligence doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s very simple once you understand exactly what you want to accomplish. Start with the basics and continuously improve. Your KPIs will vary depending on the type of business you are in. It could be anything from the number of leads you convert to customers, daily revenue, or even the number of new subscribers you have for a subscription service.

The Business Strategy of Intelligence

We are big on the process because that’s where the rubber meets the road. When we capture all of the business requirements at the start of our engagement with clients, it helps to speed up the entire process from start to finish. We will need to understand everything about your business. How do you measure success? What are the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that you want to see daily, monthly, or year to date?

  1. Establish business goals and priorities.
  2. Initial data discovery to analyze your current data sources and technology systems.
  3. Define and design a data map to ensure all data points are captured.
  4. Build a custom-tailored Business Intelligence KPI dashboard.
  5. Review dashboard and reports with you to ensure desired data output meets goals.

Business Analytics and Big Data Statistics

According to Allied Market Research, “the global big data and business analytics market size was valued at more than $193 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $420.98 billion by 2027”.

What does that mean for you? That means that your competitors are using data and analytics to make business decisions quickly. Don’t get left behind. That’s where we come in. We can help keep you on the leading edge of intelligent data-driven business decisions. Don’t leave it to luck.

A Glance at Big Data Statistics


C-Level Executives


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Big Data & Business Intelligence Platforms

Not sure where to start? Define your budget, what resources you have available, and current system architecture.

Enterprise BI Platforms

Advanced integrations, real-time data, large data sets, most expensive.

SMB BI Platforms

Experience required, advanced integrations, automated reports.

Small Business BI Platforms

Easy to use, affordable, basic features, can be used offline.

Let's Get Data Together!

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